Service List

Service List

Welcome to Harley-Davidson® Service. Our factory-trained technicians and outstanding service staff are here to keep you and your Harley® bike where you belong – on the road.

From scheduled maintenance to custom upgrades we have the factory-approved parts, tools and diagnostic equipment to keep your motorcycle tuned to exacting Harley-Davidson® standards.

The credibility of our Service Department is absolutely astounding. Specializing in stock and high performance Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, we are equipped to make your bike suitable for you and your taste. We have top factory-trained technicians on duty during all business hours.

Typical Scheduled Maintenance Includes

Check Tire Pressure
Check Chains and/or Belts
Lubricate controls and fittings
Service Air Cleaner

Check Brake Pads And Fluid
Aim Headlights
Changed primary Fluid
Change Transmission Fluid

Check Charging System
Road Test
Adjust Clutch
Replace Spark Plugs

and more

We offer immediate access to your factory warranty history, safety campaigns, engine management system upgrades and technical information. Plus, you’ll get up-front estimates and the peace of mind of knowing that your bike is serviced by the people who know it best.

Accessory Installation

Make an appointment with our service department today. Choose accessories to install on your favorite ride, including

Chrome Front Ends
Highway Pegs
Engine Guards

Oil and Filter Change

Protect your investment and keep your vehicle running smoothly with regular oil changes as specified by your manufacturer. Oil lubricates, cools, and cleans your engine. An oil and filter change is an easy, affordable way to maintain your vehicle and keep it on the road and running longer.

State Inspection

We’ll inspect your vehicle annually or semi-annually for safety and emissions. If your vehicle is not up to state standards, we’ll let you know which items need service, and we’ll fix and upgrade your vehicle right in our shop.

Per-season Inspection

Improve the overall operation and performance of your machine for the upcoming season. Pre-season inspection includes a fuel system, engine, oil, exhaust, and battery check. Your vehicle will leave in peak performance operation with a clean air filter and everything it needs for the season

Winter Ready

Protect your Harley as it sits through the winter. Come into our shop and winterize your Harley. We will inspect your battery, add battery tender if needed to keep it charged for the season, change oil and filter, check the engine coolant level and change if necessary, and completely prepare your Harley for the colder months.

Tire Repair

We use the right tools and techniques to dismount your tire and repair it from the inside.

Top end Engine Rebuild

Improve the fuel economy, efficiency, and overall performance of your ride with a top engine rebuild that includes the following:

Valves, valve seats, shims and guides
piston rings
cylinder wall hone
de-carbonized combustion chambers
replacement head and base gasket and seats
new spark plugs


Full tune-ups are available year-round on all vehicles. Keep your machine running smoothly and extend its longevity. A full tune-up includes fluid changes, lubrication, adjustments, electrical maintenance, carburetion, a safety check, an overall performance check, and everything your vehicle needs to run smoothly.

Valve Adjustment

If your machine is performing poorly, starts hard, backfires, or has a noisy valve train, it may be time for a valve adjustment. The valves are timed to the piston movement via the timing chain and other components. If your valves are out of adjustment, the motor’s intake stroke, power stroke, or exhaust stroke may stop working correctly.

Windshield Installation

A good windshield protects you from the elements while you’re out riding. Your windshield also makes your machine more streamlined and increases your speed. When you need windshield installation, come to us.

Wash and Detail

Wash and detail service includes a thorough cleaning of your vehicle and a wax application.


Home/work Delivery
Recall Inspection
Scheduled Pick-up
Tire Installation